War and resistance in and around Schagen

7 January 2020 - 31 December 2021

This year, we will show various objects and documents from the Second World War.

Special attention will be paid to the 15 resistance fighters, whom streets in Schagen’s district Muggenburg are named after. Their descendants supplied us with unique material. With this exhibition we will pay tribute to people who put their lives at risk for our freedom.

Furthermore, we have objects and documents loaned by our volunteers, by the historical association, by the museum of Zijpe, by Mr. Grooff (Museum World War II) and by Mr. Van Zwam, author of the book “10 Jaar Muggenburg”.

In short: a marvelous exhibition

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Showcase Markt 18

In the public library of Schagen there is a display case which is furnished by the museum. This time it is furnished with items from the Second World War, because in the museum we pay special attention to the war in and around Schagen.

See for the opening hours of the library: http://www.kopgroepbibliotheken.nl

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