The rolling past

In the carriage museum which is situated in a marvelous building at the back of the farmhouse museum you can get a close look at authentic carriages. All carriages are in top condition and are taken out of the stables during the ten Westfrisian Thursdays to make their rounds through Schagen.

Maintenance of the carriages

In the carriage museum many marvelous wagons which are part of the parades on the Westfrisian Thursdays are being exhibited. The carriages are the property of the Westfrisian Folklore foundation. To keep the wagons in good condition, maintenance is necessary. Each week a group of enthusiastic volunteers is forging, painting, furnishing, etc..

Looking for volunteers

The museum is completely managed by volunteers. Thus, we are always looking for new people to expand this group. If you want to be part of one of our teams: ask for information or contact us via

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